Delivery of training

Training process

The first stage of e-learning process is planning: what to teach, who the audience is and how to teach them, when to do testing and when to publish the results. Training events connect the pre-compiled training program with students within the given timeframe ā€“ the training calendar. Training calendar can include events like study period, online discussions, exam or certification and announcement of the results. Training calendar can also include off-line events like lectures, seminars and practical exercises.

Students can be assigned to training events individually or in groups. Teachers can also set up events, where students have to register themselves within the limits set up by the trainers. All students have access to their personal training calendar, which enables them to plan their learning activities.

Communication tools

Edutizer provides four different tools for teacher-student communication.

  • Newsroom is a targeted one-way communication tool aimed at bringing important messages to student groups. News section is the first thing served to the user that has logged in to the system
  • Mailbox is a two-way commutation tool that allow student to ask teacher a specific questions and receive personal advice and directions. Edutizer mailbox works just like regular e-mail and can be integrated to existing corporate communication solutions.
  • Chat forum is a built-in instant messaging application. Edutizer chat only allows students to use their real names in communication.
  • Online consultation is questions-and-answers application for building additional knowledge base that can be searched by students.