Measuring the results

Analysing results

At the end of each examination period the results of all exams are archived complete with the questions and answers for each students. The period for keeping the archived records can be defined to meet the requirements set forth by law or internal guidelines of the organisation. The results can be exported from Edutizer as an Excel worksheet in user defined column format.

Edutizer reporting module provides useful information on student activity levels, usage of study materials, test results etc. for given time period or study group. This information can be used to fine-tune the training effort, adjust training schedules, study group composition and study materials.

Given that organisational structure is made accessible for Edutizer, managers and supervisors can access the study results of their subordinates without the need of providing them teacher rights.



Certificate is a verification of someone having acquired a skill or knowledge. Edutizer can be used to issue a certificate based on the results of a course or keep records of certificates issued elsewhere.

Certificates in Edutizer may have an expiration date or they may be open-ended.