Study courses

Study courses

All individual components of each particular training initiative in Edutizer is grouped into a study course. Courses bring together study materials, different training activities,  students and study groups, tainers, observers.

Each course has its own academic calendar, which contains information on all the events. All results of each course are stored in the database and can be used to provide evidence for process auditors for instance.

Each course can be built to match the training objectives and content.

Course calendar

Course calendar provides timeframe for all events planned for the course: tests, homework, practical assignments, exams, consultations, publication of the results etc.

Students and study groups

Trainers can assign students to a course individually or group them into study groups for easier management.

Trainer can open any course for registration and send out invitations to a limited audience or all students. Students can then enroll themselves independently. All registrations must be confirmed by the trainer.

Trainers and observers

Additional trainers (teachers, tutors) can be added to any course by the course manager to assist in delivery of the course.

Observers can also be granted access to course results, including detailed information about how each student answered each question. This will make bringing middle managers and HR specialists aboard the training process much easier.

Types of training activities

Seminars, online consultation sessions, homework assignments, exams, quizzes, practical tasks – all can be assigned to a course to become a part of the training process. Different types of training materials can be included in a course. Each topic within a course can include self-test questions for students to evaluate their own study progress.

Some courses my be set up to contain only one type of training activity, an exam test for an example, where the results are made available for the student straight away. Multi-type course may consist of several tests, homework assignemnt or a practical task. There is no limit on how different types of training can be used within a course.

When using multi-type courses, different weights can be assigned to the results of different types of training activities when calculating the final result of the course. Results of quizzes, homework assignments or practical tasks can be set to be a precondition for being allowed to take the exam.


Trainers can set up feedback questionnaires for each course. Participants of such course can then give feedback throughout the course. All feedback is confidential. The trainer will only see the aggregated answers and statistical summary.