Study materials, questions, tests

Study materials

We have introduced a three-layered content structure to support systematic approach to preparing training materials and content reuse. Training materials are grouped into chapters, which in turn are assembled into textbooks. Textbooks can be linked to study folders and target groups. This approach provides two alternate paths for simple and efficient content search: subject based and role based.

All kinds of electronic media can be used as training material – text documents, presentations, images, audio and video recordings. Edutizer even allows content creators to mash-up content from other web-based environments like intranets, websites, media-sharing services, map applications, e-paper providers and other on-line resources.

Edutizer has built-in version control for training content. It also keeps time-stamped log of each user’s content access, enabling it to alert the user of relevant training content updates.

Revision questions

Different types of questions can be used to evaluate the efficiency of training. Questions can be created in Edutizer, or they may also be imported directly from Word documents.

Edutizer allows teacher to create several types of test questions, that can be corrected automatically given the rights and wrongs are pre-defined by the teacher:

  • Questions with single correct answer
  • Questions with multiple correct answers
  • “Fill the blanks” type of questions
  • Questions with numerical answers

Numerical and “fill the blanks” questions can be multipart so that the student has to answer simultaneously to many questions, e.g. calculate two or more numerical values. Each part of the question is treated equally and partial points are awarded if student gives a partially correct answer. All questions are rendered to the student in a way that the student has no trouble understanding the nature of question.

Questions can be grouped into sequences, where the next question is presented only if the previous has been answered correctly.

In addition to the types of questions described above there are questions with free-form answer that are to be used exclusively for examinations, as they require manual evaluation by the trainer.

Teachers may add their comments to questions and answers which are displayed to the student after the completion of the given practice test or exam.

Test and exams

Questions can be assembled into tests. Tests can be attached to chapters of the training materials or the system can generate tests on demand. Tests in Edutizer can be used for much more than just for final exam or certification. Students can use such tests to assess their study progress throughout the learning cycle. This will give the whole study experience a completely new dimension. Pre-commented answers will guide the student back to the training materials that they might have missed or misunderstood.

Teachers can set up examination tests in similar way to practice tests. For examination tests the teacher can assign a time limit and success criteria for every section of the test. Exa¬mination tests are only accessible to the student during the exam.

During the exam student’s access to other parts of the application, such as study materials or communication tools is restricted. If student exceeds time limit for a part of the test, the remainder of the given test part is skipped, and the next part of the exam is presented to the student. All parts of the all tests can be commented to give student more specific advice and directions for completing the test or exam.

Examination test results are saved along with all the answers thus building the certificates database. Certificates can have validity period set with the properties of the training session. Certificates database can be searched using various parameters. Search results can be presented in MS Excel using user-defined report templates.