Types of training activities


Quiz is a building block for creating training courses where progress can be measured gradually. Each course can include multiple quizzes but only one exam. Each quiz can be assigned a timeframe, passing threshold and the percentage the result of that quiz will affect the overall outcome of the course. Passing the quiz can be set up to be the pre-requisite for being allowed to take the exam. Quiz can include both self-test or examination questions. A practical assignment or a test taken outside Edutizer can also considered as a quiz in the context of Edutizer-driven training process.


Teachers can set up examination tests in similar way to quizzes and practice tests. For examination tests the teacher can assign a time limit and success criteria for every section of the test. Examination tests are only accessible to the student during the exam.

During the exam student’s access to other parts of the application, such as study materials or communication tools is restricted. If student exceeds time limit for a part of the test, the remainder of the given test part is skipped, and the next part of the exam is presented to the student.


A course can be designed to implement active learning methods with the help of homework assignments.

Homework submission can include an essay or research paper, drawings or diagrams. It may also include sounds, videos or other electronically transmitted material.

Homework assignment contains a task and instructions for completing this task. Students will solve the assignment and upload their homework to Edutizer. The trainer can give individual feedback to each homework submission. Once the trainer has published the results of the assignments, participants of the course will get access to the submissions of others. Several homework assignments can be set up within each study course, each with their own submission deadline. Trainers can give grades based on homework assignments and homework grades can have weighted effect on the final result of the course.

Practical assignment

A trainer can add practical assignments to a study course. Time, location, instructions and pass threshold can be set up for each practical assignment. Once the assignment is complete, the trainer will prepare the results protocol in Edutizer.  Apart from the practical exercise, the trainer prepares results protocol and transfers the results of the course database. Several practical assignments can be set up within each study course. Trainers can give grades based on the results of practical assignments and these can have weighted effect on the final result of the course. A positive grade for a practical assignment can be pre-requisite for being allowed to the exam.


Classroom lectures or seminars can be included in training activities calendar of any study course. There is no evaluation process to measure the success or failure of a seminar for a single student. Students can give feedback on the quality of the seminar however.


Course calendar can include a period for on-line consultations with the trainer. During a specified period of time students can submit questions to the trainer, who can then respond immediately on-line. Students can continue submitting questions after the consultation time has expired and the trainer can answer them later.