What is Edutizer for?

Edutizer is web-based corporate e-learning and training management software developed by Mindworks Industries in Estonia. Edutizer is developed for knowledge delivery, training and certification targeting employees, partners and key customers.

Edutizer is simple to implement and use, it has wide application and functionality range. Edutizer scales well to meet enterprise-level requirements and is used by several organisations in financial, telecommunication, utilities and government sectors. Edutizer user interface is localised for English, German, Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian speaking users.


Edutizer functionality covers the whole e-learning and training process from planning and study material preparation to results certification and analysis:

  • Compilation of training programs and content
  • Compilation of practice and examination tests
  • Management of training calendar and events
  • Management of students and student groups
  • Delivery of study materials and tests
  • Examination and certification events
  • Monitoring the efficiency of training efforts
  • Means of student-teacher interaction

The functionality provided by Edutizer is divided into three separate applications according to the role of the user in the training process:

  • Administrator application allows the process owner or administrator to adjust system parameters, manage users and learning environments;
  • Teacher application provides all the necessary functionality for a training consultant plan, deliver and analyse training activities: create training programs, tests and exams, manage training schedules and study groups, create statistical reports on training activities and results.
  • Student application allows the user to access and use course content and test questions, take part in examination and certification tests.

User access to Edutizer functionality is regulated by role based access rights, enforced by various means of personal authentication: username/password, ID-card or Mobile ID, single-sign-on service already used in customer organization. A separate Edutizer account is created for every student so that Edutrizer can track student activity and performance for statistical and progress reports for employees, their teachers and supervisors. Students can be grouped into student groups for ease of management.

One Edutizer server instance can host multiple independent e-training environments and moving content between different Edutizer environments is easy.